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Delving into the intricacies of real estate transactions, I've become intimately familiar with the adage "the Devil is in the Details." For over two decades, I've been an integral part of a thriving real estate team, entrusted with the meticulous management of our transactions and listings, as well as devising systems to streamline our productivity.

My journey in customer service began at the tender age of 15, serving at The St. Pete Bagel Company. From there, whether vending bagels, women's apparel, travel destinations, education, or any other venture, my ardor always lay in delving deep to anticipate and address any query that might arise. I'd immerse myself in information, amassing resources so that even when confronted with the unknown, I could confidently promise, "I'll find out."

Since 2004, my focus has been squarely on real estate. With a team by my side, we capitalized on our strengths, and mine unequivocally lay behind the glow of a computer screen. My affinity for the internet traces back to the mid-'90s, and by 2000, I was already crafting websites. Real estate captivated me for its perpetual evolution, driven by consumer demand for enhanced information and expedited interactions. The realm constantly presents novel technologies to engage with clients, organize our endeavors, and showcase listings. I'm perpetually drawn to exploring these innovative solutions.

Since 2016, I've expanded my horizons, serving as a contract manager, marketing associate, and advisor not only for my original team but also for multiple realtors and teams. This role empowers them to focus on their strengths while I adeptly fill in the gaps, facilitating more seamless transactions and cultivating a legion of satisfied clients. Leveraging technology, I've honed techniques to save time and enhance efficiency, enabling me to collaborate with others in realizing their real estate aspirations. Over time, I've forged robust systems and nurtured relationships with diverse vendors, adeptly managing paperwork, researching optimal solutions, and crafting consistent, impactful marketing collateral.


In essence, my journey embodies a commitment to precision, innovation, and service excellence, ensuring that every real estate endeavor is executed with finesse and met with resounding success.

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